Women's Academy

Stepping up to the challenge

The Rookie Me Women's Academy is about stepping up to the challenge.

This is where the Rookie Me Coaches target the most important phase of every developing footballer.

Players have now advanced from Rookie Me Junior Academy; and the responsibilities for their development requires their commitment.

As a young developing footballer, it is crucial to understand the importance of believing in the knowledge, the player is in control of their journey... and no one else.

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Skill and Technique

  • Skill Development
    Fundamental Skills

    Players learn the fundamental skills of the game, which includes:

    • Ball-handling.
    • Handballing.
    • Kicking.

    At all levels of football it is critical to develop and maintain a strong foundation for the important skills of the game.

    Our coaches teach the execution of these skills with great speed; and allow players to gain more accuracy of the fundamental skills, in game-like situations.

    Key activities:  FUNdamental 550 and Kicking School

    Key Focus

    Executing the fundamental skills with speed to add pressure and simulate game intensity.

  • Game Sense
    Game Awareness

    Our coaches progress with game sense education for Rookie Me Academy players, with a focus on game awareness and how, by moving the ball and by defending the ball, we can impact the entire team.

    Elements of focus include:

    • Mindset. Thinking ahead.
    • Skills needed.
    • Supporting our teammates.
    Positional Education

    As a modern-day footballer it is important to be flexible and learn multiple playing positions. The Rookie Me Academy players are introduced to the on-field positions in Australian rules football, throughout the program’s duration. This provides an in-depth review of what is required from each position on the field, from both a skill and physical aspect.

    Game Situation

    A variety of different games are designed for the players, which emphasises the education being taught in the Rookie Me Academy classroom and in the training sessions.

  • Combat Skills

    The game of Australian rules football is a physical contest. Therefore; learning the proper techniques for some of the most common skills required, is of the highest importance for impact on a game. It is mainly to ensure the player's ability to care for their wellbeing and that of others in a game situation.

    Key Focus:

    Embrace the COMBAT - Learn to love the battle
    • 1%er – 2nd efforts, fending off, repeat efforts.
    • Tackling on angles.
    • Stripping the ball.
    • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Recognised Drills and Coaching Techniques

    The experience of the Rookie Me Academy coaches spans from junior development, through to AFL level. Based on their extensive knowledge and expertise, they have designed specific training activities and techniques, to meet the needs of our Rookie Me Women's Academy players.

academy elite hp

High Performance

  • Conditioning
    Straight line running

    Our High Performance department set up a conditioning base for the Rookie Me Academy players at this stage of their development, by focusing on developing a straight line running technique.

    As players mature, this consistent technique will put them in the best possible position (to build) and train other fitness components successfully, such as change of direction, endurance and power.

    Skills conditioning

    In conjunction with the skills program, our High Performance coaches conduct a conditioning program, which aims to identify the required physical needs for the specific skills sessions.


    Our coaches will help identify routines, which already exist in player personal preparation; and assist with fine-tuning these routines, while creating additional routines for players to maximise their athletic performance.

  • Performance Testing

    Players are introduced to regulated physical combine testing at the beginning of the Academy. This is the exact testing we conduct at the AFL National and State Combines.

    It is important to educate each player on technique when performing the official AFL combine testing battery. This provides a level of insight into the experience; and creates benchmarks for what players need to aim for.

    Rookie Me Academy players have the additional opportunity to attend all Rookie Me Testing events, which are public testing events conducted outside the Rookie Me Academy program. Providing the opportunity to re-test throughout the year. Rookie Me is also the Official Talent ID Partner of the AFL; therefore, understanding the requirements and technique players require to obtain optimum results.

  • Recovery*

    A variety of recovery strategies are undertaken at the Rookie Me Academy level, which include:

    • Compression;
    • Self massage;
    • Stretching; and
    • Water-based recovery.

    *The team capitalises on regular opportunities, to educate players on the importance of recovery. Introducing a recovery-specific session midway through the program in each school holidays, will aim to increase the sentiment that a healthy mind/body may stem from a strong physical body.

  • Nutrition
    Fuelling to perform

    Our coaches introduce to the Rookie Me Academy players, at this stage of their development, the process of fuelling their bodies to perform. This involves revising pre and post game nutrition; and the impact right food choices may have on player energy levels.

academy wmn leadership


  • Ignite Leadership

    The team prioritises personal development and growth of self-worth, this is an important theme throughout the curriculum – providing the chance for every player in the Junior, Pro, Elite and Women's programs, to IGNITE their leadership qualities and impact the group.

    Learning to be a better leader can be difficult in some cases, it is about having an opportunity… to speak up and communicate, or the chance to answer a question, or work through a problem in a group. These scenarios help ignite leadership within players.

  • Team Leadership
    Traits of a Leader

    At this stage of player development we focus on exploring the traits of a leader, and identifying people in our lives, who reflect these traits. Impacting peers and leaders in your own life can be powerful, as you have a clear representation of this character close to home.

    These behaviours and actions are displayed regularly throughout the camps and will be a strong part of the Rookie Me program.

  • Goal Setting

    Goal setting is designed to find moments of opportunity in our weekly schedule and help commit to small changes.

    Looking at areas such as:

    • On-field.
    • Off-field.
    • At home.
    • At school.
    • In the community.
  • Personal Development
    Youth Topics

    Throughout the Rookie Me Academy journey; each player is challenged to step outside his or her comfort-zone – and listen to a range of guest speakers addressing issues, which young players may face, as they mature.

    Our coaches have selected topics, which will be prominent and relevant in their life. By addressing these topics, we aim to help equip our players with significant tools, both on-and-off the field.

    These topics include:

    • Dealing with adversity.
    • Social media and protecting your brand.
    • Discrimination in sport.
    • Choices and consequences.
    Buddy System

    The players are encouraged to form a friendship, where they communicate and support one another through their own journey.

academy wmn experience


  • High Quality Training Facilities*

    Each camp is held at a high quality facility, with the program hosted at varied private schools, where the facilities rival the standards of some AFL club environments.

    Past venues include:

    • Camberwell Grammar, Camberwell.
    • Penleigh and Essendon Grammar (PEGS), Keilor East.
    • Wesley College, Glen Waverley.
    • Geelong College, Geelong.
    • Assumption College, Kilmore.
    • Knox School, Wantirna South.

    VFL venues:

    • Williamstown FC.
    • Essendon FC.
    • Frankston FC.
    • Box Hill FC.

    AFL venues:

    • Collingwood FC.
    • Essendon FC.
    • St Kilda FC.
    • Hawthorn FC.
    • Carlton FC.
    • Western Bulldogs FC.
    • Richmond FC

    *Please note: This experience may be altered in the 2022 program due to COVID 19, we anticipate using one quality venue to assure safety and reliability. It is our priority to ensure that we are able to secure and confidently operate events throughout this program.

  • Special Guests

    Hear from special guests, including past and current sporting legends, who share their stories and insights.

    Listening to their personal journey is a great learning experience, for any young player. They have the chance to understand what these mentors were doing at the same age (as the Rookie Me Academy players) in order to reach their goals.

  • Carnival*

    The carnival is the finale to the program. The Rookie Me Women's Academy players are divided into teams, allowing players/teammates to compete against one another. This is where players are able to apply their knowledge and the skills learned throughout the Rookie Me Academy camps in a match environment.

    *Please note: This experience may be altered in the 2022 program due to COVID 19, as the program is condensed, we aim to utilise the time to focus on completing all important education.

  • Mentoring

    Each player will have access to our coaches for advice and mentoring, throughout the year. We are committed to impact every player, both on-and-off the field with constant communication and to engage in ‘footy chat’ via Rookie Me Connect.

  • Rookie Me Connect System (online)

    Rookie Me Connect is the online Rookie Me system.

    Each player will create a player profile, which holds his or her comparable data.

    The system allows Rookie Me Academy players to ascertain real-life benchmarks in elite performance. It is the foundation of creating goals to work towards. As players develop, they have the ability to compare their stats against fellow players of the same age, position and gender.

    Compare yourself against AFL stars like Pendles (Scott Pendlebury), Stephen Hill, Matty Kreuzer; and recent No.1 Draft Pick Andrew McGrath, whose stats are already on the system!


*Date and Venue subject to change

  • April 2023

    Thursday 20th & Friday 21st April

    Casey Fields Sports Complex
  • July 2023

    Thursday 6th & Friday 7th July

    Saltwater Reserve, Point Cook, VIC
  • September 2023*

    Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st September

    La Trobe Sports Park, Bundoora, VIC
  • January 2024*

    Tuesday 23rd January

    La Trobe Sports Park, Bundoora, VIC

The Team

Learn From Industry Leaders

Our coaches and instructors bring in-depth experience and knowledge from the field and are committed to providing personalised feedback and support to help you gain confidence and unleash your potential.

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Specialist Coaches

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