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A powerful and centralised app with the tools and processes you need to manage all aspects of your games, from start to finish.

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team roster
line ups
player alerts
player time tracking
subs and rotations
game clock
stats and scoring
game analysis

Team List

Manage your team and personnel.


Set up your games for this season.

Note taking

Take team/game notes for personal use, or to collaborate with your team.

Collaboration and delegation

Delegate game roles, such as player rotations, stats, time-keeping and note-taking.

Line-ups and formations

Customise your formations and line-ups, to suit your team and strategy.

Player alerts

Intuitive and customisable alerts to guide users to achieve minimum game time, equal game time or individual player thresholds.

Player time tracking

Track and analyse game time in the following player statuses: field, bench, injury, assessment, disciplinary and the time played for the opposition.

Substitutions and rotations

Manage, track and analyse player movement via List View, Field View and utilise Plan Mode to assist with pre-planning.

Game Clock

Easy-to-use timekeeping; including time adjustments and Time On mode to notify the coach of remaining game time.

Stats and scoring

Keep scores and stats for the team, including individual stats.

Reports and analysis

View time and stats reports via the app.


Digitising all game roles, consolidating data and reducing volunteer load.

  • Available for iPhone and iPad.

  • Team collaboration by multiple users simultaneously.

  • Digitisation of game day roles, such as player rotations and time-keeping.

  • Cloud-based storage.

  • App accessible in offline-mode.

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team management ipad

Team Management

Simplify the set up of team processes and role allocation.

  • Add your players and staff via the app, or upload your team list on Rookie Me Hub.

  • Add your events.

  • Create multiple seasons for data separation (e.g. pre-season, in-season, finals).

  • Allocate team roles and permissions to team personnel.

  • Delegate game roles for data collection.

Game Management

Stay on top of the game and keep track of player time, with intuitive tools and supportive alerts.

  • Customisable for games of 5-a-side through to 18-a-side.

  • Set formations and line-ups.

  • Organise playing groups through colour coding.

  • Manage late arrivals and early departures.

  • Advanced timekeeping functionality.

  • Track time played for the opposition.

  • Live game stats for better decision making.

  • Post-game reports to identify trends and enable insights.

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reporting ipad


Time stats and game stats for the team and individuals.

  • Live insights.

  • Game and stint time in every position.

  • Track injury, assessment time and disciplinary time.

  • Monitor player time spent playing for the opposition.

  • Individual and team scoring and stats.

Kickstart your season with Play

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    Available on iPhone and iPad.

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    Cloud-based with offline support.

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    Intuitive and guided player alerts.

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    Monitor injury and assessment time.

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    Track disciplinary and opposition time.

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    Share the load with game role delegations.

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    Track over 50 stats for your team and players.

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    Manage player fatigue and minimum game time.

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    Track over 100+ players and team stats.

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    Manage game clock with time-on capabilities.

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    Private and collaborative note-taking.

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    Plan mode with queued rotations.

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    Manageable from Field or List view.

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    Manage the game clock with time-on capabilities.