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Team Roster

Getting started just got easier

From onboarding team staff and volunteers, to efficiently managing player details, Rookie Me Play provides a user-friendly experience, which saves time and ensures everyone can focus on their team role.

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Seamless and efficient season management

Manage your fixture and set up your season for a seamless and efficient experience for coaches, players, and administrators alike.


Focus on the game, not the operations

Experience a new level of game day ease, with the world’s first Game Role Delegation technology; that simplifies responsibilities, consolidates data and minimises workload for team staff and volunteers.

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Capture and share your thoughts

Take notes efficiently and structure your thoughts to make it easier to maintain a quantitative record of all team activity.


Easily organise and search notes with hashtags and tags.


Work with your team on shared notes, without compromising your private data.


Your notes stay up-to-date across all your devices, automatically.

Kickstart your season with Play

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    Available on iPhone and iPad.

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    Cloud-based with offline support.

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    Intuitive and guided player alerts.

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    Monitor injury and assessment time.

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    Track disciplinary and opposition time.

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    Share the load with game role delegations.

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    Track over 50 stats for your team and players.

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    Manage player fatigue and minimum game time.

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    Track over 100+ players and team stats.

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    Manage game clock with time-on capabilities.

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    Private and collaborative note-taking.

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    Plan mode with queued rotations.

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    Manageable from Field and List view.

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    Manage fatigue and minimum game time.

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    Manage the game clock, with time-on capabilities.