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Have the edge over your competition

Create a sporting identity, connect to the wider community, and see how you compare and rank amongst your competition.

Showcase Your Talent
Track, Analyse and Compare
Benchmarks and Ranks
Guide your development
Network with Athletes
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Showcase Your Talent

Display and share your bio, awards, metric data, thoughts, activities, photos and videos with the wider community.

Track Your Ability and Performance

Challenge yourself by tracking your athletic ability and performance. See your metric data over time to identify strengths and weaknesses.

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Analyse and compare

Explore and compare your athletic ability against teammates, competition, sporting idols and more.

Rookie List

Discover athletic rankings and benchmarks

Determine athletic ability and utilise this knowledge to identify your strengths and areas of improvement and guide your development.

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Rookie List

Search and connect with members

Connect with teammates and coaches, identify your competition, follow your favourite players, discover new friends and connect with emerging talent.


Manage and develop with your team

Manage one or more teams, analyse their performance, communicate and share files. Keep players up-to-date with the latest news and events.

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