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Rookie Me Academy is a school holiday football program for boys and girls aged from 9 – 19, supporting each stage of their player development.


We create an environment which builds on self-confidence, establishing and maintaining relationships with like-minded people; and fuelling a mindset to impact your life.

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The Curriculum

The game of football is complex and requires the development of the whole person.

Our curriculum breaks down the education behind being a footballer, an athlete and a leader into nine development modules per year, over three core subjects:


What the Academy offers

Face-to-face sessions

Online mentorship

Training Guides
Activity Booklets
Performance Testing
Personalised Training Program
Unique experiences
Personal Development
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The Team

Learn from industry leaders

Our coaches and instructors bring in-depth experience and knowledge from the field and are committed to providing personalised feedback and support to help you gain confidence and unleash your potential.

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Strength & conditioning
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Medical / Well-being
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Specialist Coaches

our success stories

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rma ss lily mithen
rma ss katherine smith
rma ss josh schache
rma ss jacob weitering
rma ss emerson jeka
rma ss darcy gardiner
rma ss courtney jones
rma ss clayton oliver
rma ss cambell chesser
rma ss caitlin sargent

Embrace your pathway

Every step you take towards your goals, is one step closer to who you want to be in this world.