Our Approach

We work to impact players at every opportunity.

The Rookie Me Academy team are dedicated and focused on creating the highest level of football development in Australia, where the curriculum is structured to expose players to multiple ways of learning, including practical, theoretical and through experience.


Delivering a quality curriculum, to impact every aspect of a player.

  • Development of the whole athlete

    A holistic curriculum that is designed to develop an accomplished footballer, athlete and person.

  • Supporting Natural Growth

    Curriculum which progresses with the players development – fostering knowledge, critical habits and important skills.

  • Diverse Learning Techniques

    A range of visual, auditory and kinesthetics strategies to reinforce the key points of every session completed.

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Unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences, which enhance and support the development of each athlete.

  • Elite Venues

    The opportunity to train at elite venues and explore the facilities used by elite sporting teams.

  • Special Guests

    Hear from special guests, including past and current sporting legends, who share their stories and insights.

  • Life Experiences

    Once-in-a-lifetime events which provide moments that reinforce the players’ love of the game – creating a thirst to learn.

  • Overcoming Challenges

    Players are challenged to learn and develop through extensive, exclusive and diverse content.


Creating a safe and enjoyable environment which nurtures growth and promotes a genuine love for the game.

  • A Better Experience

    Enhanced athlete engagement and connectedness allows for a more positive experience.

  • Strong Relationships

    Players build strong relationships with like-minded peers and coaches.

  • Improved Engagement

    Players who enjoy learning, retain information more easily and thrive in the learning process.

  • Safe Environment

    A comfortable, respectful and trusting environment, which fosters an enjoyable experience, allowing players to seek advice more freely.

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