We don't just produce players, we build leaders.

The highly qualified coaching team concentrates on the development of the whole person. Nurturing factors, which impact young players – education, social pressures, values, on-field performance, community, responsibility, public speaking and goal setting. These teaching elements are fundamental and impact the importance of decision-making and life choices.

Skill and Technique

Football skill and game sense development through relevant games, techniques and training activities.

  • Fundamental Skills

    Breaking down each of the key fundamental skills of the game with age-specific games, activities, and training.

  • Game Sense

    Game sense education, focusing on the three phases of the game (attack, defend and contest) and the skills and positions within those phases.

  • Player Analysis

    Skill, technique and game sense analysis of players, to identify strengths and weaknesses – to further improve their ability.

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High Performance

Concentrating on the elements to develop and educate an athlete through preparation, performance and recovery.

  • Health and wellbeing

    Inclusion of mental and physical health education, through physical and theoretical practices.

  • Long term athletic development

    Age-relevant strength and conditioning concepts through evidence-based practice and research.

  • Performance Testing

    Education and preparation of the official AFL combine testing battery; and providing athletes the understanding of their strengths, areas of improvements, and the levels they need to reach.


Personal growth and character development through the Leadership program, explores the five key areas of a footballer; on field, off field, at home, at school, in the community.

  • Creating role models

    Active involvement in creating respectful team standards and culture.

  • Emerging Leaders Program

    Leadership program for males and females (15 to 19 years old), to challenge and impact their peers across a variety of topics throughout the camps.

  • Youth Topics

    Addressing age-relevant youth topics that delve into issues that can arise within family and peer circles.

  • Leadership Challenges

    Each player is challenged, to step outside his or her comfort-zone – and listen to a range of guest speakers addressing issues, which young players may face, as they mature.

  • Goal Setting

    Goal setting is designed to find moments of opportunity in our weekly schedule and help commit to small changes, to build better habits.

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