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Delivering a seamless experience

We understand how retrieving consistent and reliable data from athletes can quickly become overwhelming.

Running a performance testing event can be complex, timely and an expensive process. There are many moving parts to manage; from event planning, to organising team members and athletes, to setting up and calibrating equipment, to data collection and collation – when sometimes all you just want is the final result.

Our experienced team can take charge of every aspect of your testing event, from registration to final reports. Giving you the peace of mind that every test is performed under strict protocols, making sure every bit of data is accurate, uniform and reliable.

Accuracy builds credibility

With close to a decade of experience in performance testing, our team have tested over tens of thousands of athletes.

Through our sophisticated methods and high professional standards, we have earned the exclusive title of the ‘Official Talent ID Partner of the AFL’ and attracted interest from local and global sporting bodies, such as the NBL and NBA.

Recognised and trusted as a performance testing company from large professional sporting organisations to local schools, clubs and academies. When it comes to accuracy and reliability there is no substitute for knowledge and experience.

Official Talent ID Partner
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Unmatched Reliability

RM Testing delivers unbiased and uniform verified data across multiple fitness batteries, making it comparable across all demographics.

Our team has created strict guidelines and protocols to collect, manage and analyse large samples of data, efficiently and accurately, for an unmatched experience.

Data, made simple

We provide end-to-end solutions for your testing events, so that you can unlock the power of your athletes' data.
Utilise raw data through analysis to gain insights, for a deeper understanding of an athlete.


Collection and transformation of testing data, for basic understanding of group results. ‣ Data spread. ‣ Player rankings. ‣ Changes over-time. ‣ Overall performance.


Meaningful reports and powerful visualisations to enhance the understanding of each target group, and their unique athletic abilities. ‣ Relationships. ‣ Comparisons. ‣ Distributions. ‣ Compositions.


Evaluation and interpretation of data, to assist with making informed decisions for the targeted group. ‣ Player retention and recruiting. ‣ Health and wellbeing. ‣ Athlete development and monitoring. ‣ Trends and patterns.

Let Us Run Your Next Testing Event

Our team knows what it takes to produce and operate a seamless event; we have the knowledge, experience and resources to deliver.