Take back control

Say goodbye to repetitive and mundane training sessions - and hello to efficient, engaging sessions tailored for your team.

Session Management

Stay Organised

Bring your team’s goals, plans and priorities together in one place. Create and manage your own custom sessions, by starting on a blank canvas or updating an existing template.


View all your created sessions in one place, so that you can organise and keep track of upcoming sessions.

Sort and Filter

Find sessions quickly, by sorting through various fields; last updated, created or by completion status.


Setup custom folder structures to manage your sessions and easily access them.

Quick Start

Never drop the ball

Running short of time or need help getting started? Find ready-made sessions created by industry experts and tailored to the team you coach. Each session is designed with a specific focus to ensure training always has a clear purpose.

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Make it your own

Templates make it simple to setup a variety of new sessions from popular categories. By using templates, you can follow our suggested ways of structuring activities and customise the session to match your team’s needs.

  • Create sessions in minutes.
  • Save time and always look like a pro.
  • Customise templates to make them your own.
  • Browse templates from popular categories.


Multi-week training plans

Run sessions with confidence using a series of related training sessions created by industry professionals. Each program consists of a themed long-term training vision, with sessions tailored for your team’s age and educational needs.

session programs v3

Train More Efficiently

Increase your efficiency when running a training session with useful tools, including a timer and score counter.


See if your session is tracking ahead of schedule, on-time or behind; through monitoring each training activity and total session time.


Easily access training activities, steps, requirements and education within your session. Keep track of your session progress, by viewing previous, current and upcoming activities.


Keep score of competitive training activities and/or games. Add multiple counters and easily alter point structure to suit your scoring system, while keeping track of the activity in progress.

Bring your ideas to life

Completely customise the activities, timelines and education – to tailor the session to your needs.

Activities and Custom Blocks

Search and add your favourite training activities and add custom time slots of your desired duration and notes.

Edit and Organise

Change the duration, add notes; or drag and drop to change the running order of your sessions.


Automatically substitutes a training activity, which targets the same educational outcomes.

Groups and Rotations

Split into groups and set rotations, to create circuits or focus groups.

Manage your sessions your way

Whether you’re a full-time senior coach or a parent coaching after work...
Setup a training session which is tailored to your team, in a fraction of the time.