Understand why,
not just how

Empowering you to understand the purpose behind every training activity and/or session through coaching education and tools.

Structured Sessions

Sessions to guide you

Session Programs and Quick Start sessions have been created by industry professionals, to achieve specific outcomes with attached notes explaining each section. This allows coaches to effortlessly run quality structured training sessions.

coach session overview
outcome card 01
outcome card 02
outcome card 03
outcome card 04
outcome card 05
outcome card 06
outcome card 07
outcome card 08
outcome card 09

Learning Outcomes

Unlock the education

Learning outcomes are the building blocks to improve a coach’s message and provide the confidence to run successful and engaging training sessions.

Each activity presents a coach with various learning outcomes or lessons that can be used to dynamically shift the focus of an activity. This allows coaches to consider different strategies for educating players, and to help coaches understand ’why’, not just ‘how’ to run an activity.


Coaching Points

Always know what to say

Communicate with your team confidently; run engaging training sessions and create a strong foundation for success.

Intuitive coaching points help reinforce outcomes and provide readily accessible prompts to assist coaches.

coach coaching points


Never Be Left In the Dark

Explore a library of defined terms, useful for helping coaches identify and grasp the vocabulary of the game.

These terms are placed throughout the system for coaches to readily expose the definition.


Coach with Confidence

Give yourself the confidence to run successful and engaging training sessions.