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Training activities, sessions, tools and educational resources tailored for coaches at all levels of their career.

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Explore our extensive library

Stay inspired, with access to an extensive library of training activities and sessions covering moments and skills of the game, to drive player engagement.

Tailored to your team

Setup multiple teams* customising age, gender, team size and appearance, to personalise your experience and display relevant content and education. Easily setup and manage individual training sessions for each team.

Training Activities

Simple from the start

Each training activity offers a simple, step-by-step animated walk-through of how to setup and run the activity, from start to finish. This is designed to maximise a coach’s understanding of the task and reduce setup time.

Active Requirements

Take out the guess work

Don’t waste time trying to calculate what equipment or space you will need at training each week. Save time and let us do it for you, so you can focus on what’s important!

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The complete session package

There are multiple reasons to create and explore sessions; whether you are a beginner coach, an expert who knows what they want or just short of time. Utilise our training sessions designed by expert coaches, or start from scratch to suit your team’s vision.

  • Create from scratch

    Completely customise the activities, timelines and education; to tailor what you want to achieve from the session.

  • Create from a template

    Templates make it fast and easy to set-up a variety of new sessions from popular categories specific to your team’s needs.

  • Quick start sessions

    Find ready-made sessions created by industry experts and tailored to the team you coach. Each session is designed with a specific focus to ensure training always has a clear purpose.

  • Programs

    Programs are a series of related training sessions, which have been designed by industry experts, with a long-term vision.


Learn how to make an impact

The RM Coach platform has been designed and developed with an education-first approach to coaching.

coach edu outcomes
Learning outcomes
Lessons to help coaches understand ’why’, not just ‘how’ to run an activity.
coach edu coaching points
Coaching Points
Intuitive and readily accessible prompts to assist coaches.
coach edu sessions
Structured Sessions
Sessions created by industry professionals, with detailed notes.
coach edu glossary v2
Defined terms to help coaches identify and grasp the vocabulary of the game.
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Accredited Members

Access to Exclusive AFL Curriculums and Resources

Become an accredited member of CoachAFL to gain access to exclusive AFL coaching resources tailored for the team you coach, including the National Coaching Curriculum for junior, youth and senior age groups.

Coaching just became effortless

The new face of coaching is digital; and is the game changer coaches have been wanting! Be part of this revolution and stay on top of your game!