The Rookie Me Club Academy is a holistic solution designed to pinpoint the developmental needs of local clubs. It is all about having the right strategy at every stage of the season which supports players, coaches and team management at training, on game-day and off the field.

Here’s how Rookie Me can help your club


Coach development

As the Official Coaching Technology Partner of the AFL, Rookie Me has developed an innovative world’s first technology with AFL developed insights so that your coaches can browse, learn, plan and execute training sessions that are engaging and purpose driven. The coach-the-coach theory session, assists coaches of all abilities to structure the best environment that facilitates individual player, and team development. Using the tech, coaches will have the opportunity to put their new learning to practise during the coach-the-coach practical session involving the players. Solutions and sessions to further support coaches to manage player rotation and strategy on game day are available. Rookie Me can provide pre and post game insights to ensure that your coaches adopt best practice methods for managing your player rotations and statistics.

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Player Development

Rookie Me’s highly qualified coaching team concentrates on the development of the whole person for ages U9 - U19. A combination of face-to-face and virtual training sessions with nurturing factors, which impact young players – education, social pressures, values, on-field performance, community, responsibility, public speaking and goal setting. Online resources and software solutions will reinforce the teaching elements which support the ongoing player development and aid with decision-making and life choices.


Club Support

Range of options available for modernising compliance, and administrative support to enhance the experience for your players, parents, coaches and volunteers.

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