The AFL South East (AFL SE) is pleased to announce a new major partnership agreement with leading sports technology and development company Rookie Me.

Rookie Me joins the AFL SE as the league’s Official Coaching and Game Day Technology Partner, which will provide a range of support and digital resources to every league coach, player and club.

This includes access to Rookie Me Coach Premium; an extensive library of training activities, sessions, tools and educational resources tailored for coaches at all levels of their careers. All clubs will also access Rookie Me Play – the new digital match day platform, to manage fair game time, player rotations and statistics for teams.

"We are excited to announce our partnership with the AFL SE region and join forces to support the growth and development of youth football in the region,” expressed Adham Dimachki, CEO of Rookie Me.

Through its wide range of innovative products, Rookie Me provides new opportunities for athletes, coaches and sporting professionals at all stages of their careers. The Rookie Me approach to sports, empowers individuals and the wider sporting community to be the best they can be through education development and industry-leading sports technology.

AFL South East Regional Manager, Sam Confait, said “It is a partnership that provides the AFL SE competition with a tangible point of difference and highlights our commitment to coach development. We are pleased to offer all our accredited coaches an innovative, online coaching platform, hosting an extensive library of training drills and educational resources.”