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NAB League Fitness Testing

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Our expert team hosts events to measure and assess key athletic abilities and physical fitness components, which are related to sports performance.

Measurement of body size and composition; with respect to age, gender, growth and development.
Aerobic Fitness
The ability to withstand sustained periods of cardiovascular exercise with minimal fatigue.
Anaerobic Fitness
The capacity to perform short-term high intensity cardiovascular activity with reduced fatigue.
Rapidly, efficiently and effectively moving the body into advantageous positions in short periods of time.
The range of motion which a muscle, joint and connective tissue possesses; and the capacity to move through freely.
The ability to control the body's position whilst moving or stationary.
A capacity to execute smooth, accurate and controlled responses to a stimulus.
The ability to generate as much force as possible, in the fastest amount of time to overcome resistance.
The competence to perform a skill or movement, as fast as possible in the shortest amount of time.
The ability to generate the force required to overcome resistance.

The RM Process

Unbiased, reliable and verified

Our protocols and procedures provide the strict framework around how each test is performed; and how the data is collected for immediate insight and future analysis. 

RM Testing delivers unbiased and uniform verified data across multiple fitness components, making it comparable across all demographics, for an unmatched experience.

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Set The Standard

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