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Game day, your way. Rookie Me Play is a centralised app, which includes the tools and processes to manage all aspects of game day, from start to finish.


Everything you need, all in one place

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Team List

Manage your team and personnel.


Set up your games for this season.

Note taking

Take team/game notes for personal use, or to collaborate with your team.

Collaboration and delegation

Delegate game roles, such as player rotations, stats, time-keeping and note-taking.

Line-ups and formations

Customise your formations and line-ups, to suit your team and strategy.

Player alerts

Intuitive and customisable alerts to guide users to achieve minimum game time, equal game time or individual player thresholds.

Player time tracking

Track and analyse game time in the following player statuses: field, bench, injury, assessment, disciplinary and the time played for the opposition.

Substitutions and rotations

Manage, track and analyse player movement via List View, Field View and utilise Plan Mode to assist with pre-planning.

Game clock

Easy-to-use timekeeping; including time adjustments and Time On mode to notify the coach of remaining game time.

Stats and scoring

Record scores and stats for both individuals and team.

Reports and analysis

View time and stats reports via the app.

Team management

Manage your team with ease

The tedious and mundane processes of setting up your team are simplified on Play. Add players and staff via the app, or upload your team list. Add events and create structures, giving you more time to invest in player development and achievements.

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Game Management

Game day made simple

Manage your team for game success each week. Play offers tools and intuitive alerts to support coaches during game time and on the sidelines. Rotate players with ease, utilitse advanced time-keeping features, and make every player count with monitoring fair game time.


Share the load with Game Role Delegations

Introducing the world’s-first Game Role Delegation feature, designed to revolutionise the allocation of game day roles, by breaking down the responsibilities to create a smoother, organised and more successful game day experience.

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Reports and analysis

Discover game-changing insights

Explore game insights to accelerate your team’s performance, discover optimal player positions, find out both individual and team stats, receive live insights; and track player injury, assessment and disciplinary time.


Manage everything, from anywhere

Access your team’s information, from any location! With cloud-based technology supporting an offline mode, all your team’s data and processes are centralised on Play, so that the information you are looking for is one-tap away.

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Track stats and scores in real-time

Kicked a goal? Laid a tackle? Had a centre clearance? Log it. Track over 50 different types of stats for both the team and individual players on your device. These stats contribute to seasonal reports and empower coaches to have a deeper insight into their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, their holistic needs to develop.

Trusted by over 4000+ teams

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Solutions for every level

For junior teams

At grassroots level, the focus of footy should be on player participation; growth, enjoyment, and retention. Play facilitates player equity by providing opportunities for everyone in the team to have ‘a fair go’ on game day.

For senior teams

The competition becomes more serious for senior players as they are required to perform. Player wellbeing is crucial for career longevity. Play focuses on player behaviour and outcomes, through tracking injury time, assessment and workload.

Kickstart your season with Play

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    Available on iPhone and iPad.

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    Cloud-based with offline support.

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    Intuitive and guided player alerts.

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    Monitor injury and assessment time.

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    Track disciplinary and opposition time.

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    Share the load with game role delegations.

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    Track over 50 stats for your team and players.

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    Manage player fatigue and minimum game time.

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    Track over 100+ players and team stats.

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    Manage game clock with time-on capabilities.

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    Private and collaborative note-taking.

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    Plan mode with queued rotations.

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    Manageable from Field and List view.

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    Manage fatigue and minimum game time.

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    Manage the game clock, with time-on capabilities.

Download the Play app

Our lite plan is always free to use. Premium subscriptions can be purchased in app to elevate your gameday experience.