Old faces, new clubs

Clubs can go through many list changes per season, with multiple players both arriving and departing. During the trade and free agency periods, some well-established and in some cases, star players, have moved to different clubs for next year’s season.

As player movement between clubs, has become part-and-parcel of the modern game, club supporters may love or loathe their respective clubs' decisions – and responses can vary from nonchalant indifference to utter shock and disbelief.

One such case, more likely to fall at the 'shock and disbelief' end of the spectrum, would be Hawthorn’s decision to trade both Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis to West Coast and Melbourne respectively.

It’s not often, that a club simultaneously trades two of their best players, especially when they come 1st and 2nd in the clubs best and fairest for that year (as Mitchell and Lewis did).

2015 old faces new clubs Mitchell and Lewis GF 2015

Featured: Sam Mitchell celebrating with Jordan Lewis the 2015 AFL Grand Final win.

What may serve as ‘salt in the wound’ for Hawthorn supporters, could be the relative peanuts, which the Hawks received in return for the star duo, trade pick 88 for Mitchell and picks 48 and 66 for Lewis.

However, it is unlikely to be all doom and gloom for the Hawks, as they still have a plethora of talent all over the ground and also secured young guns Jaeger O’Meara and Tom Mitchell for season 2017.

While Mitchell and Lewis stand out as the largest shock to the AFL community, other notable senior players have also moved on to new clubs for the upcoming season, these players include:

  • Travis Cloke to the Bulldogs (from Collingwood),
  • Brett Deledio and Tendai Mzungu to Greater Western Sydney (from Richmond and Fremantle),
  • Lynden Dunn to Collingwood (from Melbourne),
  • Michael Hibberd to Melbourne (from Essendon),
  • Dion Prestia to Richmond (from Gold Coast). 
Western Bulldogs Travis Cloke 2017 New Clubs Old Faces

Featured: Travis Cloke training with the Western Bulldogs at Whitten Oval.

Jake Dwyer

Living for 16 years in the small country town of Woodend, Jake Dwyer, made the move to Geelong in early 2014 to pursue his career.

Jake graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science; and as of next year he will return to embark on his Masters of Applied Sport Science.

He is an avid sports enthusiast, with a passion for cricket and Essendon Football Club (AFL). Not just a sports student and spectator – Jake has also participated in footy, cricket, basketball, mixed netball and indoor soccer.

He will be using his vast knowledge and experience throughout the industry, as a writer for Rookie Me!

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