EDFL Finals Footy Program

The team at Rookie Me is thrilled that finals footy is here!

This September, Rookie Me will be hosting a Finals Footy event for the EDFL athletes, to mark this exciting time in the footy season.

Finals Footy Program

Our program connects three important phases of the game: attacking, contesting and defending.

Key trademarks of Skill Development, High-Performance education and Leadership will be prevalent throughout the experience.

Lastly, athletes will have the opportunity to showcase their talent during full Aussie rules game-play!

Are you excited about Finals Footy?

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Friday, 22 September, 2023

7:30am - 1:30pm

Ormond Park
Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

Mixed gender event. Ages 9 – 18

WAS $149.99



Price is inclusive of GST.

About The Program

Aussie rules football competitions are coming to an end across the country. Our great game is complete with teams defending to keep their season alive, high scores and contested football being a the most crucial element at play. This is the time where only the most competitive teams remain in the mix to secure their campaign in Finals Footy!

Our Head Coach Robbie Campbell is a 2008 AFL Premiership player who knows exactly what it takes to win finals footy! Rookie Me, we assist you to unlock the secrets behind winning football in September!

Session Schedule

Players will rotate through various stations which cover different areas and moments of the game. Players will also have the opportunity to showcase their talent during full Aussie rules game-play!

RM Academy SocialAssets Landing Pages KickingSchool

Kicking School

  • Impact on foot
  • Ball drop
  • Balance
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    Kicking is the most important skill in Aussie rules football. Kicking School will allow you to master your kicking technique to maximise your impact on game day - no matter what your age is or what your skill level is at.

RM Academy SocialAssets Landing Pages AttackByOutnumber

Handball Club

  • Skill repetition
  • Skill execution
  • Skill variety
  • Read More​​

    Handball Club gives you the tools to perfect your handball technique. Use this high-energy session to gain over 500 touches of the football, and improve ball handling on game day.

rm station body and brain v2

Body + brain

  • Fundamental movement
  • Reaction time
  • Energy
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    Body + Brain activities allow players to switch on physically and mentally, before games and at training sessions, by challenging them with problem-solving challenges and team activities. This allows players to impact from the very first bounce.

RM Module High Performance


  • Improve strength
  • In-depth education
  • In-season training methods
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    September strength is created with High-Performance. Use this session to improve your athleticism and overpower your opponents with strength in Finals Footy!

RM Module Leadership


  • Leadership development
  • Team work
  • Reflection activities
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    Leadership education will develop your character and enhance your mindset. Players will also learn how to work as part of a team, to create motivation to succeed in Finals Footy.

RM Academy SocialAssets Landing Pages CombatSkills


  • Finals Footy combat
  • Contested ball
  • Physical preparation
  • Read More​​

    Combat training will prepare you for the fierce contest of finals footy. This session will allow us to use physicality to protect ourselves on the field, and dominate our opponents.

RM Module Attacking

Attacking Phase

  • Setting up to score
  • Find a target inside 50
  • Outscore the opposition
  • Read More​​

    How can we create scoring opportunities during the Attacking Phase? Players will explore concepts of setting up on the field to score, find a target inside-50; and outscoring the opposition.

RM Academy SocialAssets Landing Pages WinningTheBall

Contesting Phase

  • Ground balls
  • Crumbing
  • Marking
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    During the Contesting Phase the football is in dispute. The question is who is going to win the contest - you or the opposition? Players will explore crumbing, ground-balls; and marking in a contest against their opposition.

RM Academy SocialAssets Landing Pages PressureDefense

Defending Phase

  • Defending the player
  • Defending the space
  • Winning the football back
  • Read More​​

    During the Defending Phase the opposition has the football, how can we get it back? Players will explore the act of desperate defending to effectively cause opposition turnovers and successfully defend the opposition.

RM Academy SocialAssets Landing Pages SmallGames

Small + full games

  • Game sense
  • Team work
  • Finals Footy wins
  • Read More​​

    Small + Full Games incorporate game sense activities, empowering players to perform under any situation on game day, by showcasing specific skills and strategies of the game. This encourages sportsmanship, competition, and allows players to do what they do best… play footy!

Session Structure

Q1 - Q2 - Q3 - Q4

The four-quarters session structure is how we educate athletes and allow for progressive training in Aussie rules football.

This structure empowers players to efficiently transfer from simple to more complex skills or strategies during a training session, with the intent to enhance game sense and skill development.

Q1 v4


Quarter One [Q1] focuses on individual activities, which enhance the speed and accuracy of players’ skill levels. Skill is broken down into the key fundamentals of the game, such as kicking, handballing and ball-handling.



Quarter Two [Q2] focuses on collective activities, which will assist players to progress their ability to problem solve. Activities will reflect the challenges players combat during a game, while allowing players to positively impact their team.



Quarter Three [Q3] focuses on team-tasks activities, which will accelerate players’ problem solving by challenging them to work through a range of game situations, so they can see them more clearly when in the heat of battle.


Game activities

Quarter Four [Q4] focuses on games activities, which brings all the four quarters of the program together, encouraging players to simply play the game. Including both small-sided and full games, with altered rules, which emphasise specific strategies and skills of the game.

Our Key Coaches

Our key coaches and instructors bring an in-depth knowledge and experience from both on-and-off the field. Their commitment to provide young players with the right support to increase confidence and unleash their potential, is evident in their passion and ability to develop players.


Robbie Campbell

Head Coach

  • View experience

    Chief Sports Officer, Rookie Me.

    AFL Career at Hawthorn FC and Melbourne FC (2002-2011).

    AFL Premiership Player (Hawthorn FC; 2008) and VFL Premiership Player (Box Hill Hawks FC; 2001).

    VFL Premiership Assistant Coach (Williamstown FC; 2015).

coach cal

Callum Porter

Football + Leadership Coach

  • View experience

    Former Rookie Me Academy athlete.

    Box Hill Hawks FC, Co-Captain (VFL, Current).

    Western Bulldogs FC (AFL; 2018-2020).

    Coates Talent League Player and Captain (Gippsland Power FC; 2016-2017).


Scott Graham, PhD

Head of High Performance

  • View experience

    VFL High-Performance/Physical Preparation Manager (Werribee FC); 2019-2022).

    Netball Strength Coordinator (Collingwood FC; 2020).

coach malcolm

Malcolm Bangs

Combat Coach

  • View experience​

    Contact skills / grappling / tackling Coach (Coates Talent League):

    • Eastern Ranges FC (2012 – 2013, 2016 – current).
    • Calder Cannons FC (2013 – 2022).
    • Oakleigh Chargers FC (2012 – 2014).
    • Western Jets FC (2010 – 2011).

    Contact skills / grappling / tackling Coach (AFL):

    • Geelong FC (2017 – 2020).
    • Western Bulldogs FC (2009 – 2010).

    Tackling Coach AFLW:

    • Geelong FC (2017).
    • Carlton FC (2017 – 2018, 2022).

    Contact Skills & Tackling Coach VFLW:

    • Essendon FC (2018 – 2022).

    Contact confidence / Judo Coach:

    • Victorian Institute of Sport [Boys elite Soccer program] (2005 – 2009).

    Athlete training partner / competition preparation partner, Australian Olympic Judo team:

    • Aus Olympic team (Athens 2004).
    • Aus Olympic team (Beijing 2008).

    Nationally ranked judo competitor (retired).

    Community / grassroots combat coaching:

    • Over 300 clubs.
    • Over 15,000 athletes.

Vanessa Issa

High Performance Co-ordinator

  • View experience

    High-Performance Manager (Coates Talent League: Oakleigh Chargers; 2019-2022).

    High-Performance Coordinator (U17 & U19 Vic Metro Girls Squad; 2021-2022).

coach sophia

Sophia Ikosidekas

Assistant Coach

  • View experience

    VFLW Backline Assistant Coach & Head of Development, Williamstown FC (2023).

    YJFL Head Coach, Youth Girls U14 & U16 Interleague (2023).


Caitlin Sargent

Assistant Coach

  • View experience

    Former Rookie Me Academy athlete.

    VFLW Western Bulldogs FC (2023).

    AFLW Essendon FC (2021-2023). Coates Talent League Player (Western Jets FC; 2019-2022).

    Coates Talent League Premiership Player (Western Jets FC; 2022).


Cam Anderson

Assistant Coach

  • View experience

    Former Rookie Me Academy athlete.

    Coates Talent League Player (Bendigo Pioneers FC; 2018-2020).


Aaron Tsarouhas

Assistant Coach

  • View experience

    Former Rookie Me Academy athlete.

    VFL Player (Northern Bullants; 2022).

    Coates Talent League Player (Calder Cannons FC; 2021).

Limited Spots Available

Don’t miss out! Secure your spot at your League’s Finals Footy event these school holidays.


  • Where is the event located?

    The event will be held at Ormond Park, Pattison St, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039, on Friday, 22 September 2023.

  • How much is it?

    The Finals Footy program is a once-off payment of $149.99 incl. GST. The event duration is 6 hours.

  • What do I need to wear/bring

    We recommend bringing the following items:

    • Runners and football boots.
    • Water bottle, labelled with your name. Extra water/sport drink.
    • Spare change of training gear and a towel (in case of poor weather or recovery protocols).
    • Waterproof jacket, in case of rain.
    • Special medications; including asthma puffer/pump, and EpiPen if required.
    • Cap or hat.
    • Sunscreen.
    • Notepad and pen.
    • Lunch and snacks.
    • Mouthguard.
    • Hand sanitiser.
  • I don't meet the age requirements of this program. Am I still able to attend?

    Please contact the office via the Contact page to discuss this further, as there may be an option for athletes to still attend the event.

  • Is lunch included on the day?

    No, lunch is not included. We recommend bringing lunch and snacks with you.

  • Is there somewhere at the venue where I can purchase food?

    There is not a venue on site to purchase anything, and food will not be provided on the day of the event.

    We recommend that you bring any food or snacks to support you in the event.

  • I have dropped off my child at the event but am unable to pick them up. Can I nominate another parent or guardian to pick up my child on my behalf?

    Yes. It is critical that you let the Rookie Me staff know who you nominate to gather your child, as children will not be released to someone who has not been nominated.

    Please email admin@rookieme.com and let us know who will be picking them up and their contact number.

  • Who is Rookie Me?

    Rookie Me is the Official Talent ID Partner of the AFL and the Official Coaching Technology Partner of the AFL. Providing a range of face to face products, and software solutions for community sport, Rookie Me have also recently partnered with prominent leagues and regions throughout Victoria and NSW to further solidify itself as the premier coach and player development provider in the market.